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Do You Have a Homebuying Team?

Your home purchase is exciting! And for the most part, should be an enjoyable process!  The truth is: It's not exactly a simple one.  From the very start to the finish, you will have loads of questions that need answers; and will need to consult with experts in each field.  This is where the guiding help of an experienced Realtor, representative is invaluable.  They must have your best interests at heart-  A trusted Real Estate Advisor.  To begin with, you will need:  A loan/mortgage advisor, a Real Estate Lawyer, and an experienced Home Inspector who is familiar with YOUR town.

Trusting your Realtor to put this all together for you and supervise and work with all of these experts will help answer your questions and concerns as well as keep your deal together.   You will need the best information from the right expert.

Assuming your trusted advisor (Realtor) has negotiated your purchase successfully, the second most important selection to your team is your loan officer. They are responsible to collect financial documents and communicate with the underwriters and others, and need to be involved from the beginning.  Your Realtor keeps in close contact so that all needed documentation is gathered in a timely manner.  

Your Real Estate Attorney is another professional that must be selected early and follow through until closing.  They, too, will review all paperwork, advise you of problems or omissions, and in the case of a dispute (chain of title, lot-line problems)  help resolve the problem. They may charge by the hour, so making the right choice is important.  This is where your Realtor is important to keep the contract moving forward.

Next in importance is the Home Inspector.  It is their job as experts to know what sets a well-built, well-maintained home apart from the rest, and can help you avoid the money pit...  They help you uncover any existing issues with the physical structure before final closing.  It is their job to provide you with a complete report about the condition of your home.  Here again, is where your Trusted Advisor can guide you through any difficulties.   It is their job to see your home's weaknesses and report back to you.   

This all-important team approach is seen-over with an expert, well-seasoned representative who is up to date about all of these matters and has your best interests in mind.  If you need to know more about this "team" approach call me.  Advising families since 1983...

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