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Checking in with Gen-Z


In 2024 there are a few overarching trends for interiors that will impact the design practice with consumers’ desire for connection, and quiet luxury, which blur the lines between live-work-and-play, and the need for sustainability and wellness with both life and business in the home. 


There are many trends affecting design— from generational and family shifts to work-life balance and quiet luxury. Topics to include are sustainability, health and wellness, family and home, the future of the workplace, AI, and the impact of Gen Z, among others:

As the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, those in Gen Z have distinctly different priorities than prior generations. Following recent health-related issues, like Covid, as well as social and cultural issues there is a different feeling about how this group of “Z’s” think. There is a desire for genuine connections.

 In 2024, here are some forward-thinking ideas to consider that may change design consumer culture:

Solo Living & Seeking Connection: The American family has undergone significant change in recent decades, and Americans are experiencing family life in increasingly different ways, including through the rise of one-person households. Americans are seeking connectedness to loved ones and their communities.  Gathering spaces within the home are very important.

Wellness in Gathering Spaces:  Kitchens are now using large window walls to connect visually with the outdoors while living rooms are using retractable window panels to extend spaces onto patios. Beyond increasing the ease of entertaining, connecting both visually and physically with nature has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rates! (please refer to my blogs on lighting and bringing the outdoors inside.)

Aging in Place:  Physical decline, depression, and social isolation (according to the National Institute on Aging), indicate that many people want to stay in their own homes and will need to retrofit their homes. Innovative solutions that enable one to remain in their own homes for longer, rather than moving to help facilities, will be important as we plan furniture placement, design, and work spaces for families.

Blending Sustainability & Wellness: As we think about creating environments that support better human health, many are increasingly recognizing the interconnectedness of individual health, community health, and environmental stewardship. We are seeing an increase in design decisions contributing to personal wellness and building health including decisions such as better indoor air quality, and increased natural light. Sustainability is especially prevalent in 2024 as we tackle extreme weather events and their building connotations. 

Blurring the Lines Between Live-Work-Play: Recent changes in the post-pandemic workplaces have influenced a home buyer's preference for unique spaces and blurred the lines of living, working, staying, and playing.  All these trends are important when thinking about YOUR home.  Need guidance or more trends when listing your home?  Call me.  I can help.  

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