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Your front door décor deserves the same level of thoughtful consideration as any room in your home. Beyond being an entry point, it’s your home’s first impression and a hint at the style inside. Here’s how to create a stunning entrance with interesting curb appeal:

Spark interest. With front door design the goal is to evoke curiosity and intrigue about what awaits inside. Approach it as an overall experience, starting from the moment someone steps out of their car to tour the home. When a buyer approaches the door, the aim is to make them feel welcomed, and intrigued.

Make your door an integral part of design. Your front door décor sets the tone for your entire home. An exterior door significantly influences the external allure, potentially shaping the impressions of individuals who never actually enter the property. When designing the front of a home, establish an expectation, making the landscaping, walkway, and actual front door all align with the interior design of the home.

Consider future upkeep. The aesthetic appeal of your front door is only as good as your ability to maintain it, Weiss stresses. Going with lots of glass? Plan to keep that glass cleaner at the ready. Over time, wood stains will lose their luster, especially in direct sunlight, so depending on your stain, you’ll need to re-varnish anywhere from annually to every three to four years. Paint can be more forgiving, but keep an eye out for fading and peeling. Weiss notes that a home’s well-maintained exterior signals the care and attention you can expect to find inside.

Draw on the style of your home. Choosing decorative elements for your front door décor can feel overwhelming, so let the style of your home guide your decision-making. A classic, brick home often calls for symmetry and simplicity, while a modern/contemporary home needs asymmetry and more easily gets away with unexpected elements such as large leafed plants or bold colors. 

Simplicity is key. When choosing plants for a front bed or planters, avoid mixing too many colors. Let the hue of your front door guide you to plant colors that are complementary. Keep it simple. Color block your flowers or add a pair of big ferns on either side of your entryway for understated elegance.

Planter perfection. Quality is paramount when thinking about objects that will be living outdoors, ensuring that they are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements. When you purchase a quality container, you’re purchasing it for life, so make sure that you love it and it fits the aesthetic of your home. It’s important to choose a vessel that’s proportional to the size of your door and porch.  Smaller porches look best with dainty urns, and big front entryways and porches need weightier planters for balance.

Add personality with fixtures. For an additional pop of personality, consider adding or updating your exterior lighting. I love the look of a sconce next to a front door or a chandelier above your exterior entryway.  Choose an unexpected, bold statement piece. (This thinking also works well when highlighting points inside of your home).

Mix old with new. There is no better way to ensue individuality than incorporating vintage pieces into your front door décor. Consider scouting local thrift shops or flea markets for uncommon treasures—vintage lanterns, weathered crates, brass sconces or aged planters can add character and a touch of nostalgia. Not only does this lend a distinct personality to your space, but it also ensures that each season tells a story with your special pieces. 

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