Let's Get Organized!

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Let’s Get Organized!

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Before you take a trip to the Container Store, here are a few things you will want to think about to get organized first. Spring is on the way- and if a possible move is in your plans, organizing your home will reflect your home’s presentation and show what buyers will swoon over!  So, Let’s Get Organized! 

Spring cleaning will be on your to-do list to declutter after a winter spent indoors. Here are a few helpful tips to get started: 

Start small. “Don’t try and organize your entire home all at once. Start with your junk drawer, and that will get the ball rolling to organize the rest of your space. Taking your entire house apart is not the way to feel successful!  One thing done well will make you feel good!

Identify the problem areas. Narrow down your three biggest problem areas where home organization could help and have a plan to conquer those spaces. Some of the most common areas that tend to get messy are the pantry, kitchen, and closets.

The Pantry. Because everyone in the family uses this space multiple times a day, start by completely emptying the pantry, checking expiration dates, and donating food that you know you won’t eat. If space allows, make your pantry a food-only space, and not a catch-all for random items. Measure your shelves and find baskets and bins that will accommodate your space. 
Place similarly categorized items into each bin, labeling each, so everyone in your household knows where things go. 

The Kitchen.  Start small and go drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet, and declutter. Donate items you no longer use or have multiples of and create zones for similar items. To keep your newly organized kitchen in check, assess the space every six months to see which items you no longer need or use.

Closets.  Start by pulling out clothing items that don’t fit, are damaged, or you simply aren’t confident wearing them. Try following the one-in, one-out method with closets. Start creating order by ditching mismatched hangers in favor of those that have a slim profile and grouping clothing by color. Utilize shelf space with labeled baskets for accessories or items you don’t hang.

Get your team on board. Whether it’s children, your partner, or roommates, it’s important to have the support of your cohabitants with your home organization.  Hold a family or house meeting to explain how you will maintain your newly cleared spaces.  It’s especially important with children to show them the labels of shared spaces and teach them the benefits of following the new system. After organizing a pantry, give your child the chore of putting away the groceries after a shopping trip. It becomes a game and a teaching moment! 

Call in the experts. Remember, the professionals are here for a reason. If organizing simply isn’t your thing or an outside perspective is needed, expert services are available to help you organize.   Not only can they problem-solve in a pinch, but let them handle the heavy lifting when you’re maxed out on sorting and labeling!

 And remember, I am always available for help and advice; as one of my free services, helps to get your home ready for that all-important sale!  

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