HOUSE HUNTING 101 Where to begin

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Anyone who has set out to house hunt might want to consider what priorities to start with. There is value in the art of compromise. Not starting with a rigid checklist of predetermined "must haves" and remaining flexible for the inevitable "surprises" you meet along the way will give you a chance to keep an open mind to something you may not have considered.  There are (4) requirements to consider where flexibility is good advice:

:Space or Square Footage
:Size of your yard
:Architectural Style

Once you decide the order of importance these (4) requirements play into your decision- it could be useful and less confusing in your decision-making. Also, real estate articles talk about finding your "dream house". Unless price is no object, most buyers must frame their expectations and search around their priorities to know what to expect.

To have your house-hunting more reality based, today's buyers are better setting out to find what might be thought of as your "surprise" home.  One that has everything you need, most of what they want and an additional feature they never considered before- but love!  This might be a large circular fire-pit, a hot tub, a two-faced fireplace, a Zen water feature in the backyard or the perfect kid's tree house you never expected.

You can't compare house hunting with any other kind of shopping activity- it simply is unique and personal and like no other experience.  Emotionally packed and forever fascinating it is one of the best parts of my profession- helping my clients make their own discoveries and arrive at their final decisions.

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