Hiring a Cleaning Service

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Hiring a Cleaning Service

 To keep our home sparkling follow these few general suggestions:


1. Get recommendations.

2. Make a list of the things you'd like a service to do.

3. Be sure to interview services on the phone as you would any employee: Check the service with the BBB to make sure no complaints are lodged against them.

4. With most services, the first few cleanings will be more expensive than subsequent cleanings.

5. Having a cleaning service doesn't give you license to live carelessly, don't forget to pick-up!

6. Don’t clean before they come.

7. Don't expect your housecleaner to read your mind about how you want things done:  communicate- communicate- communicate

8. You should give tips to the individual cleaners because they don't get every cent you pay.

Being a good employer to your help always pays off in the end.  Always keep in communication with your thoughts and this will avoid misunderstandings in the future.  

For more specific information contact Judy at 908 803-0472