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The word “green” comes from the Old English word grēne, meaning “grass” and “grow.”

Aside from its most literal sense, the word “green” today evokes the idea of being environmentally friendly and living organically.  This hue really seems to be having a moment lately, as “Greenery” was recently named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017.

But green is also the color that comes to mind when we think of St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it is a lucky four-leaf clover, a Shamrock Shake, or simply your favorite festive sweater, there’s no question that green reigns. 

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we rounded up some of the most stunning properties currently listed for sale with Coldwell Banker, whose lush and vibrant surroundings rival the homes themselves. Take a look; you can check them out on the Coldwell Banker website:  www.ColdwellBanker.com     

The Summerland, CA home rests on a 19-acre polo ranch with both ocean and mountain views.

The future owner of an Aspen home will be owning a piece of history – it was Aspen’s first ski lodge.

Hawaii isn’t all beaches – its also home to some of the most stunning plantation properties in the country, including this one in Maui. Check it out on the Coldwell Banker website

The property in Manciano, Italy is basically a pastoral painting come to life.

Whether it’s the lush grounds or the swaying palm trees, see the decked-in-green home appropriately located on “Patrick’s Island” on Grand Cayman Island.

The urban home is no stranger to green landscapes, either – just look at the gorgeous San Francisco backyard!


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