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It's time to brush off the outdoor furniture and embrace the alfresco lifestyle once more. If you realize last year's dining set has been slowly crumbling away in the corner of your backyard; discolored, cracked, or covered in mold, it might be time for an upgrade - and how to determine which outdoor furniture lasts the longest for your area. 

Outdoor furniture is not cheap, so be confident that you are choosing a material that lasts more than just a few summers. Exposure to the elements means that our outdoor chairs, tables, and sofas have to be extra durable to withstand rain, wind, and changes in temperature. Typically, exterior furniture is made of wood, metal, or plastic, but certain types are better than others.

Here is a list of materials to look for when purchasing outdoor furniture that promise to endure, so you can have a stylish outdoor setting that stands the test of time. Here's what you might want to consider:


 One of the most popular material choices for garden furniture is wood, and for good reason. This natural option not only has a classic, understated appearance that makes it perfect for your deck or backyard, but it's durable and hardwearing too.  Wood is always a popular choice thanks to its timeless appeal and ability to pair with any style of décor or color scheme.


Wrought iron has been used for exterior structures and furniture, such as park benches or fences, for centuries. Many of those original installations remain too, proving the longevity of this material. 

As far as metal furniture goes, wrought iron is - quite literally - the strongest choice. This hard-wearing, heavy metal becomes stronger each time it's heated and worked, and since wrought iron furniture typically has an ornate and intricate design, that means it's incredibly tough. For instance, my aunt gave me her wrought Iron dining set (over 40 years ago!) and after a few coats of paint throughout the years, it still sits proudly on my deck and is in constant use!  Also, aesthetically, it's a great option for a vintage look. 


Typically woven in a wicker weave to mimic rattan, synthetic resin furniture is a stylish modern choice of outdoor furniture that's commonly seen on patios. Low-maintenance, lightweight, and highly durable, it's also a good option if you're looking for furniture that lasts.


If you want metal furniture that's more budget-friendly than wrought iron, steel or aluminum are good choices. When used for outdoor furniture, these metals tend to be treated with a baked-on powder-coated paint finish for a smooth texture and appearance, but they also act as a protective barrier to help prevent corrosion.  this makes it one of the best long-lasting furniture choices for seaside properties as these materials withstand the corrosive effects of sea salt.  This material gets hot to the touch; make sure you have nice,  cushy pillows to protect you!


For a classic addition to your garden, a glass-topped or ceramic-glazed table is a safe bet for furniture that's long-lasting. Both these options are super easy to clean and won't rot, rust, or stain like wood and metal can. For outdoor furniture that will remain beautiful for years to come without the need for endless maintenance, tables with glass, marble, or sealed ceramic tops work best.  

Happy decorating your garden!

Whatever your size of patio or lawn, or whatever your choice of material, a lovely niche enhanced with seating or lounging will refresh your appreciation for the great outdoors and enhance the salability of your home!  Call me for more decorating suggestions for enjoying the good life! Here's to dining al fresco!     

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