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The Yademos (sometime spelled backwards) Estate of Charles Pfizer- known as the Father of the Race Meeting.(originally built by George I. Seney in 1881) off Mendham Road in Bernardsville

Yademos (someday spelled backward) The Estate of Charles Pfizer- known as the Father of the Race Meeting. The home was originally built by George I. Seney in 1881 who’s known as the Father of the Somerset Hills. The home is still here, just off Mendham Road in Bernardsville.

What’s in a name? Some call it the Steeplechase, some the Far Hills Race Meeting, and some prefer to call it simply "The Hunt". Whichever name you choose, you’re all partially correct. While the name is officially called the Far Hills Race Meeting, hosted by the Far Hills Race Meeting Association every year, on the third Saturday in October, (this year 2022 it will be October 15th) when the horses come back to Far Hills for this exciting equestrian event.

Far Hills swells over 50 times its normal size, from approximately 857 to almost 50,000, making it the largest population in Somerset County on this day each year.  Popular for its tail-gating parties and sponsor tents serving food and drink, the party lasts the entire day.

The 92nd Annual Far Hills Race Meeting Will Be Held In Somerset County

So what exactly is steeplechase? Steeplechasing includes the thrills and speed of thoroughbred racing at flat tracks. It mixes in the precision of jumping to create a hybrid like hurdle events in track and field where the premium is on speed, but the concern is focused squarely on the jumps. The races are two to four miles in length. The fences are man-made 52-inch hurdles or timber jumps constructed of posts and rails at varying heights. Thoroughbred horses run in the race. The fun is in the betting pool, and the decorated "tail-gates" with hay bails, pumpkins, mums in bloom, stuffed foxes in "pink" coats, with lots of food and drink!  

One of the many special activities that make THE SOMERSET HILLS AREA such a special place! Come and join the fun! Need more information about Far Hills?  Call me.  I can help!  

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